Teresa Burgess-Bhagat


Teresa Burgess-Bhagat is a Learning Strategist with more than ten years experience teaching students with learning differences.  She is a qualified and knowledgeable Montessori elementary teacher who is also a skilled educator of adolescents in the areas of study and organization. Teresa works with students to improve their executive functions, remediate their academic skills, and increase their awareness of learning styles.  She strives to help her students achieve improved academic success using meaningful and measurable goal-setting strategies.

Teresa is trained in a number of approaches to special education that emphasize the importance of each child’s individual talents, gifts, affinities and strengths as well as their areas of concern.  These include: Schools Attuned Approach to Learning Disabilities (Dr. Mel Levine, All Kinds of Minds); Montessori Approach to Children at Risk (MACAR) — The Shelton School for students with learning disabilities; Differentiation of Assessment through Collaborative Active Research (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/OISE); Differentiation in Classroom Instruction (BER); and JUMP math instruction (University of Toronto). Teresa has an extensive background in child advocacy.  She was one of the original supporters of the Ontario advocacy group, the Attention Deficit Resource Network (ADRN); and of the national group, Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada (CADDAC).  She has a profound understanding of the effects of learning disabilities (LDs) and learning differences (for example, ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome) on the lives of students and their families. Teresa is a Bachelor of Science graduate from McMaster University and an Elementary I & II education graduate from Toronto Montessori Institute (TMI).

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